Forex Academy Platform

BajaFX is one of the top forex trading academies in Latin America. They have students all over the continent, and were looking for a modern, functional, and easy to use platform.

This development contemplated a full stack development, front the store front of the academy, to the online academy itself. Being capable of uploading new material on the go, creating new products for their students, and organizing lessons for their students.

Sitting down with the client and understanding exactly what they were looking for and how they wanted the users to interact with their clients was crucial.

As with all our developments, a CMS (Content Management System) was integrated, so that the client can update all the information, products, and lessons of their website though an easy to use interface. Responsive design and development goes without saying, mobile designed first, as their main traffic source is mobile.

(For confidentially reasons, the inside of the educational platform can’t be shown.)

BajaFX - Webshau BajaFX - Webshau BajaFX - Webshau BajaFX - Webshau BajaFX - Webshau